The Centre will achieve the above objectives through undertaking such functions as:

(a) Assistance in the improvement of agricultural engineering and sustainable agricultural mechanization;

(b) Enhancement of farm mechanization technologies in addressing issues related to subsistence farming for increased food security and nutrition, and poverty reduction and promoting agro-based small and medium-sized enterprise development and commercial farming to seize opportunities for increased market access and agrifood trade;

(c) A focus on an agro-based enterprise cluster concept and enterprise development activities to enhance the capabilities of members in identifying potential agricultural commodities in their respective countries on a clustering basis;

(d) Regional cooperation in environmentally friendly agro technology transfer on mutually agreed terms, including through networking of focal point national institutes in CSAM member countries and other relevant institutions;

(e) Setting up an interactive Internet website to allow members full access to information and technology databases, including the sharing of expert systems and decision support systems in financial management of small and medium-sized enterprises;

(f) Promotion of the technology transfer process on mutually agreed terms from research and development institutes to the agricultural and farm machinery extension systems in member countries for poverty reduction;

(g) Assistance in the voluntary dissemination and exchange of sustainable and commercially successful machinery and related drawings of appropriate tools, machines and equipment;

(h) Technical assistance projects, capacity-building programmes, training workshops and seminars and advisory services on sustainable agricultural mechanization and related food safety standards;

(i) Tapping the resources of an array of stakeholders, in particular developed countries, in building the capacity of member countries.




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