1st Annual Meeting of the Asian and Pacific Network for Testing of Agricultural Machinery (ANTAM)

 16-19 September 2014, Beijing, China

  16 September (Tuesday)
09:30-12:00 Opening ceremony of Session V of the 18th World Congress of CIGR
Venue: Room No.301A-301B, China National Convention Center (CNCC), Beijing, China

13:30-13:45 Opening ceremony of Session V of the 18th World Congress of CIGR
Venue: Room No.301A-301B, China National Convention Center (CNCC), Beijing, China
1. Dr. Claus Grøn Sørensen, Chair of Section V: System Management of CIGR (Department of Engineering, Faculty of Science and Technology, University of Aarhus, Denmark)

2. Mr. Liu Min, Director General, China Agricultural Machinery Testing Center, Ministry of Agriculture of China

3. Dr. Ravi Ratnayake, Director, Trade and Investment Division, UNESCAP

Agricultural Mechanization/Engineering and Food Security by Prof. Bill A. Stout, Former Chairman of CIGR, USA

The Development of Agricultural Operations Management by Dr. Claus Grøn Sørensen, Department of Engineering, Faculty of Science and Technology, University of Aarhus, Denmark

Agricultural Mechanization Strategies for Sustainable Production Intensification ĘC Concepts and Cases from Africa and Asia by Dr. Josef Kienzle, Agro-Industry Officer, Infrastructure and Engineering Services Unit, Rural Infrastructure and Agro-Industries Division, FAO
Agro-Value Chain Analysis and Development  by Dr. Namal Samarakoon, Industrial Development Officer, Agri-Business Development Branch, UNIDO Headquarters

Locally Relevant and Globally Preeminent Agricultural and Biological Engineering by Prof. K.C. Ting, Head of Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA

The Role of International Standards in Enhancing Safety in Agriculture by Dr. Michael Ryan, Head, Codes and Schemes, Trade and Agriculture Directorate, OECD

Testing Networksí» Role in Improving the Ergonomics, Safety and Quality-whole System Management of Farm Machines by Mr. Sandro Liberatori, Director General, ENAMA/ENTAM, Italy

Indiaí»s Agricultural Mechanization Strategies by Ms. Rani Kumudini, Joint Secretary of the Indian Ministry of Agriculture, India

The Development and Policy of Agricultural Mechanization in China by Prof. Minli Yang, China Research Center for Agricultural Mechanization Development, China Agricultural University, P.R.of China

Prospect for Regional Cooperation in Sustainable Agricultural Mechanization by Mr. Bing Zhao, Head, Centre for Sustainable Agricultural Mechanization, UNESCAP
  17 September (Wednesday)
Opening of 1st ANTAM Annual Meeting
Venue: Room No.301, China National Convention Center (CNCC), Beijing, China
Moderator: Mr. Zhao Bing, Head of CSAM

Welcoming remarks , Opening remarks & Keynote speeches

Agenda Item 1: Election of chair and adoption of agenda
10:15-15:00 Agenda Item 2: Country reviews

(Countries by alphabetical order, 10 mins for each country review)

Country Review Of Bangladesh by Dr. Sultan Ahmmed, Member Director (NRM),Bangladesh Agricultural Research Council, Bangladesh

Testing & Appraisal of Agricultural Machinery In China by Mr. LIU Xu, Deputy Director-General, China Agricultural Machinery Testing Center, Ministry of Agriculture of China

Agricultural Mechanization in Cambodia by Dr. Chan Saruth, Director of Agricultural Engineering Dept/GDA, Cambodia

Country Progress Report of Fiji by Mr. Epeli Narisia, Principle Mechanical Engineer, Ministry of Labour, Risk Engineering Unit, Fiji

Status on Testing of Agricultural Machinery in India by Mr. Kanchan K. Singh, Assistant Director General (Engg.) & Mr. C R Mehta, Project Coordinator, AICRP on Farm Implements and Machinery, Indian Council of Agricultural Research(ICAR), New Delhi, India

Country Report of Indonesia by Dr. Astu Unadi, Director, Indonesian Centre for Agricultural Engineering Research and Development (ICAERD), Indonesian Agency for Agricultural Research and Development (IAARD), Ministry of Agriculture, Indonesia

Exhaust Gas Test for Agricultural Engine in Japan by Mr. Kazufumi Shimizu, Head of Tractor Testing Division, Department of Testing and Evaluation, National Agriculture and Food Research Organization, Japan

Country Report of Malaysia by Mr. Ayob Abd Hamid, Mechanization & Automation Research Centre, Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute (MARDI), Malaysia

Country Report of Nepal by Mr. Shreemat Shrestha, Chief, Agricultural Engineering Division, Nepal Agricultural Research Council, Nepal

Country Report of Pakistan by Dr. Tanveer Ahmad, Director, Agricultural and Biological Engineering Institute, National Agricultural Research Centre, Park Road, Islamabad & Dr. Nadeem Amjad, Member, Natural Resources Division, Pakistan Agricultural Research Council, G-5/1, Islamabad

Agriculture Mechanization Issues & challenges by Mr. Stephen A. Mesa, PNG Ministry for Agriculture and Livestock, LAE

Country of Republic of Korea  by Mr. Goo Bum Kwon, Senior researcher, FACT, Republic of Korea

The Russian Network for Testing of Agricultural Machinery by Mr. Vadim Pronin, Chairman of the Association of Test Engineers of Agricultural Machinery and Technologies of the Russian Federation, Director of the Volga Testing Station, Russian Federation

Status of Testing & Evaluation of Farm Machinery in Sri Lanka by Eng. M. H. M. A. Bandara & Eng. B. M. C. P. Balasooriya, Department of Agriculture, Sri Lanka

Country Presentation Paper of Thailand by Mr. Viboon Thepent, Senior Agricultural Engineering Specialist, Agricultural Engineering Research Institute (AERI), Department of Agriculture (DOA),Ministry of Agricultural and Cooperative (MOAC), Thailand

Testing of Agricultural Machines in the Philippines by Mr. Delfin Coronado Suministrado, Director, Agricultural Machinery Testing and Evaluation Center; Address: College of Engineering and Agro-industrial Technology, University of the Philippines Los Banos, College, Laguna, Philippines

Status of Agricultural mechanization and Testing machine in Vietnam by Mr. Tran Duc Tuan, Deputy Director, Research center of Agricultural Machinery & Air-Hydraulic, Vietnam Institute of Agricultural Engineering & Post harvest Technology, Vietnam

- Joint presentation by consultants of CSAM on testing of agricultural machinery and agricultural mechanization in the Asia-Pacific (20 mins)
Agricultural Machine Testing in the Asia Pacific Regions
15:15-16:45 Agenda Item 3:
Recap on ANTAM by CSAM Presented by AI Yuxin, Programme Officer, CSAM
- Operational structure of ANTAM
Agenda Item 3.1: Review of the ToR
Agenda Item 3.2: Functions and responsibilities of the Lead
Testing Stations/Focal Points
Agenda Item 3.3: Functions and composition of the Technical Working Group (TWG)
Agenda Item 3.4: Financial and administrative issues


Agenda Item 4: Election of Chair, Vice Chair and Lead Focal Station/Focal Point for 2014-2015
  18 September (Thursday)
08:30-10:00 Agenda Item 5: Relationship/partnership with major stakeholders

- Presentations by OECD, FAO, UNIDO and ENTAM
1st Annual Meeting of the Asian and Pacific Network for Testing of Agricultural Machinery by Mr. Michael Ryan, Mr. Namal Samarakoon, Mr. Josef Kienzle, Mr. Sandro Liberatori & Mr. Natascia Maisano
- Modalities of partnership/collaboration
Agenda Item 6: Work plan of ANTAM for 2014-15
Agenda Item 7: Proposal for consideration: simplified testing methodology for knapsack sprayers

A Simplified Test Procedures for Knapsack (Operator-Carried) Sprayers
by Mr. Chan Chee Wan

Wrap-up and closing
Lunch (hotel)
Continued discussion and closing
Technical tour to China Agricultural University

Dinner hosted by CAMTC
  19 September (Friday)
8:30-11:00 Leave hotel for technical tour to CAMTC
Technical tour
Departure of participants
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