Expert Group Meeting for Reviewing the Feasibility Studies and Methodology Guidelines on the Application of Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) Facility for Conservation Agriculture (CA) and Biogas


As a component of the Joint Programme of the UN Country Team in China on the China Climate Change Partnership Framework (CCPF), the United Nations Asian and Pacific Centre for Agricultural Engineering and Machinery (UNAPCAEM) and the Institute of Environment and Sustainable Development in Agriculture of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (“IESDA-CAAS”), jointly organized an Expert Group Meeting (EGM) on September 11, 2009 in Beijing to review the feasibility studies and methodology guidelines on the application of CDM Facility for conservation agriculture (CA) and biogas.

The meeting gathered experts from NDRC, MOA, MOST, UNDP, UNEP, the Nature Conservancy, representatives of CCPF, as well as researchers from CAAS. Professor Dong Hongmin and Professor Li Yu’e from IESDA-CAAS who led the research team presented the outline of their report and key findings. Dr. Jerry Yan from Royal Institute of Technology and Dr. Peeyush Soni from Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), international consultants invited by UNAPCAEM to review the study report, made presentations on their review reports. Participants brainstormed on the technological challenges surrounding the CDM application in the agricultural sector and methodology guidelines, such as applicable guideline for baseline determination and monitoring plan, impact on regulation, importance of capacity building, lessons learnt, and comparative studies and etc. Participants highlighted the importance of delivering a quality report that serves the objectives of MDG Fund, particularly in the field of environment and sustainable agricultural development. Participants also emphasized that the study report can become a useful reference for policy makers in terms of sharing successful experiences and lessons learnt from China in the application of CDM in the agricultural sector.

The report will be further revised to incorporate comments and suggestions produced by the meeting, and final report will be available on UNAPCAEM’s website by the end of 2009. Hard copies will also be distributed by UNAPCAEM to stakeholders.

Built upon the report, UNAPCAEM plans to organize an international seminar on CDM application in agricultural sector in 2010, inviting experts from around the world to further deliberate on the theme and share successful experiences and design a strategy to promote its wider application in countries across the Asia-Pacific region.