Title Author Country Code Date (YYMMDD) Sort ascending File
Community Based Approaches for Healthy Soils Ms. Esther Penunia, Secretary General, Asian Farmers Association and Member of the Advisory Committee and Scientific Group for the Food Systems Summit 20220330
Soil Degradation and Food Security Mr. Ronald Vargas, Secretary Global Soil Partnership, FAO 20220330 1. Soil Degradation and Food Security_FAO, Vargas.pdf
Food Security Opportunities in GDI Mr. Min Qingwen, Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural, Resources Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China cn 20220330 2. Food Security Opportunities in GDI, Mr. MinQW.pdf
Experiences of Conservation Agriculture and Sustainable Intensification Consortium (CASIC) Dr. Chan Saruth, Chair of CASIC Executive Board and Undersecretary of State for Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Cambodia kh 20220330 3. Promoting Food Security through Combating Soil Degradation, Dr. Chan.pdf
Black Soil Conservation Machinery and Equipment in China Prof. LUO Xiwen,
Academician, Chinese Academy of Engineering; Professor, South China Agricultural University, China
cn 20220330 4. Black Soil Conservation Mach & Equip in China, Prof. Luo Xiwen.pdf
Precision Agriculture for Efficient Use of Agrochemicals and Improved Soil Health Dr. Siti Noor Aliah Baharom,
Dr. Azman Hamzah, Dr. Badril Hisham Abu Bakar, Norziana Zin Zawawi,
Engineering Research Centre,
Malaysian Agricultural Research & Development Institute (MARDI), Malaysia
my 20220330 5. Precision Agriculture for Efficient Use of Agrochemicals and Improved Soil Health_my.pdf
Gender considerations for sustainable and soil-friendly mechanization and Technology in mountain ecosystems (Bhutan) Ms. Meghna Upreti, Agriculture Machinery Center(Ministry of Agriculture and Forest), Bhutan bt 20220330 6. Gender considerations for sustainable and soil-friendly mechanization and Technology in mountain ecosystems (Bhutan).pdf
Overview of ANTAM Initiative Marco Silvestri, Programme Management Officer, ESCAP-CSAM 20211215 1. Overview of ANTAM initiative.pdf
ASEAN Consultative Committee for Standards and Quality (ACCSQ) Standards & Conformance Activities Pg Suridah Pg Haji Sulaiman, ACCSQ Chair 20211215 2. ACCSQ.pdf
ENTAM Dr. Sandro Liberatori 20211215 4. ENTAM for ANTAM.pdf
Standardization, Testing, Metrological, Certification Activities of BSTI Mr. Md. Saidul Islam
Deputy Director (Engineering)
Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institution, Ministry of Industry
bd 20211215 5. Standardization, Testing, Metrological, Certification Activities of BSTI .pdf
Philippine National Standard (PNS) for Agriculture and Fishery Machinery, Tools, Equipment, and Structure Eng. Em Bentulan
Philippines Bureau of Agriculture and Fisheries Standards
Department of Agriculture
ph 20211215 6. AFMECH PNS Standardization_updated.pdf
Adoption of PNS/PABEs as Technical Regulation ENGR. JANICE P. VARGAS
Division Chief, BAFE-SRED
ph 20211215 7. Adoption of Standards as Technical Regulation.pdf
Certification in the Russian Federation Sergei Komarov
Head of department of the Volga State Machinery Testing Station
Russian Federation
ru 20211215 8. Certification in the Russian Federation.pdf
Mechanization-based solutions for crop residue burning Dr. Kanchan Kumar Singh, Assistant Director-General, Indian Council of Agricultural Research, Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare, India in 20211126 4. PPT_India_Dr. KK Singh.pdf
Intensification of tillage system in dryland conditions of Kazakhstan Mr. Kanat Akshalov, Head of Laboratory for Adaptive and Agro-landscape Technology, A.I. Barayev Research and Production Centre for Grain Farming, Kazakhstan kz 20211126 5. PPT_Mr. Kanat Akshalov.pdf
Building resilience through digitalizing agriculture Dr. Jehoon Sung, Team Leader, National Institute of Agricultural Science, Rural Development Administration, Republic of Korea kr 20211126 6. PPT_ROK_Dr. Jehoon Sung.pdf
Concept Note ESCAP-CSAM 20211126 Concept Note_9th Regional Forum_26 Nov 2021.pdf
Sustainable Agricultural Mechanization for Increasing Rural Incomes and Reducing Poverty in China Mr. LIU Xu, Deputy Director General, China Agricultural Mechanization Center, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, China cn 20211126 1. PPT_China_Mr. Liu Xu.pdf
Mechanization for Empowerment of Rural Women Ms. Meghna Upretri, Agriculture Engineer, Agriculture Machinery Centre, Ministry of Agriculture and Forests, Bhutan bt 20211126 2. PPT_Bhutan_Ms. Meghna Upreti.pdf