Rice Harvesting & Post-harvest Technologies in Myanmar: A Training Manual


UNAPCAEM is very grateful for the technical support from AIT and the Jiangsu University in the implementation of the project. A special thanks to the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation of Myanmar, Agricultural Mechanization Department (AMD) in particular, for providing the data and information on farm mechanization and post-harvest technologies in Myanmar. Inputs are also gratefully received from Mr.Tin Htut Oo, former Director General of the Department of Agricultural Planning of the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation of Myanmar, Mr. Imran Ahmad of AIT and Mr. Rabi G. Rasaily, an intern of UNAPCAEM. Mr. LeRoy Hollenbeck, Director of UNAPCAEM and Ms.Yuxin Ai, Senior Expert of UNAPCAEM, also contributed to the editorial work. Logistical assistance from Mr. U Win Myaing, Assistant Director of AMD, Mr. Yuemin Shen, Programme Assistant and Mr. Zhen Wei, IT Assistant of UNAPCAEM are also gratefully acknowledged. This training manual also benefited from presentations made by local participants during the training workshop held in Myanmar.

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