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UNAPCAEM Policy Brief (Issue No.1, June 2007): Environmentally-Sound Rural Economic Growth: Policy Implications and Options for Bioenergy and Sustainable Agriculture Development


There is growing concern that environmental degradation in the Asian and Pacific region is pervasive, accelerating and unabated, putting people's health and livelihoods at risk. These environmental consequences disproportionately impact the rural poor who depend on agriculture, lack access to safe and adequate water supplies.

Much effort is needed to reduce rural poverty and meet the basic needs of the vast and expanding population in the region, as well as to reduce the environmental impact of its economic growth. What we need is an integrated approach that enables economic growth to support and reinforce environmental sustainability. Rural economic growth and environmental conservation/protection can go together, especially in light of the sustainable agriculture development practice.

Dr. Joong-Wan CHO
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