26 July 2011, Bangkok, Thailand
Expert Group Meeting (EGM): Development of a sustainable agricultural machinery and farm implements testing network in the Asia-Pacific region

Event Date(YYMMDD) Title Authors Country Code Files
20110726 UNAPCAEM Presentation Mr. LeRoy Hollenbeck, Head, UNAPCAEM apcaem01.pdf
20110726 ANTAM Survey Analysis Ms. AI Yuxin, Senior expert, UNAPCAEM survey.pdf
20110726 Laying a foundation for testing agricultural machinery and farm implements: The European Network for Testing Agricultural Machinery Sandro Liberatori, ENAMA ENAMA.pdf
20110726 Agricultural Mechanization Strategies (AMS)– Roles of Private and Public sector Mr. Josef Kienzle, Agricultural Engineer (Leader), Agricultural Machinery and Infrastructure Unit (AMI), Rural Infrastructure and Agro-industries Division (AGS) FAO.pdf
20110726 OECD Codes & Schemes Mr. Michael RYAN, Head, OECD Codes & Schemes, Paris, France OECD-4.pdf
20110726 Testing of Farm Machinery in India and the role of ANTAM Dr. Madan Mohan Pandey, Deputy Director General (Engg.), Indian Council of Agricultural Research, New Delhi, India in IN-2.pdf
20110726 Russian Presentation Mr. Marchenko Stepanovich Oleg, Head of Department of All-Russian Research Institute for Mechanization in Agriculture (VIM), 1st Institutsky proezd, 5, VIM, 109428, Moscow, Russian Federation ru RU.pdf