Event Date(YYMMDD) Title Authors Country Code Files
20201123 Welcome remarks Dr. Yutong Li, Head, ESCAP-CSAM Remarks by Head of CSAM_6th Member Meeting of ReCAMA.pdf
20201123 Briefing of Agribusiness Machinery Association in Cambodia Mr. Thou Chav, President, Agribusiness Machinery Association in Cambodia kh 1. AMAC-Introduction Presentation_Mr. Thou Chav.pdf
20201123 Findings of the Research Paper on Trade and Investment Policies for Agricultural Machinery in Bangladesh, Indonesia, Pakistan, Philippines and Turkey Dr. Rossana Marie Amongo, Professor, Institute of Agricultural Engineering, College of Engineering and Agro-Industrial Technology, University of the Philippines Los Banos ph 2. ReCAMA Research Paper-T&I_Dr. Rossana Amongo.pdf
20201123 Recap of the Research Paper on the Market Status of Agricultural Machinery in China, India, Sri Lanka, and Thailand Mr. Lasantha Noel Wickremesooriya, President, Agriculture Machinery Manufacturers and Suppliers Association, Sri Lanka lk 3. ReCAMA Research Paper-Market Status_Mr. Lasantha.pdf
20201123 Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on agriculture in the Asia-Pacific region and the role of mechanization Mr. Anshuman Varma, Programme Officer & Deputy Head, ESCAP-CSAM 4. Impact of COVID-19_Mr. Anshuman Varma.pdf
20201123 Introduction to the Asian and Pacific Network for Testing of Agricultural Machinery and its survey for better meeting the needs of agricultural machinery associations Mr. Marco Silvestri, Programme Officer, ESCAP-CSAM 5. ANTAM_Mr. Marco Sivestri.pdf
20201123 E-platform for Agricultural Machinery Enterprises Alexandre SUN, Head of International Communication Department, China Agricultural Machinery Distribution Association(CAMDA), China cn 6. China Agricultural Machinery Distribution Association_Mr. Sun Can.pdf
20201123 Work Report of 2020 & Work Plan for 2021 Ms. FENG Yuee, ESCAP-CSAM 7. Work Report and Plan_6th Member Meeting of ReCAMA.pdf
20201123 Concept Note ESCAP-CSAM Concept Note_6th ReCAMA Member Meeting_18 Nov 2020.pdf