Side Event: Empowering Smallholders through Agricultural Mechanization in the Digital Era

28 March 2019 (12.15 – 13.30)
Public Foyer (Ground Floor), UNCC

 Concept Note

Event Date(YYMMDD) Title Authors Country Code Files
20190328 Improving productivity and resilience of smallholders through ICT-enabled sustainable agricultural mechanization Mr. Santiago Santos Valle, Agricultural Engineer, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
1. PPT_FAO_Santiago Santos Valle.pdf
20190328 Constraints and challenges in adopting new agricultural mechanization technologies Farmers’ voice, Mst. Shazada Begum, Chairperson, Asian Farmers Association for Sustainable Rural Development, Bangladesh bd 2. PPT_AFA_MST Shazada Begum.pdf
20190328 Smart Agriculture in the world and its application to Asian smallholders Mr. Yoshiyuki Kawase, Chief of International Relations, Institute of Agricultural Machinery, National Agriculture and Food Research Organization (IAM/NARO), Japan jp 4. PPT_Japan_Yoshiyuki Kawase.pdf
20190328 Field Innovation: How Smart Agriculture technology is improving smallholders’ productivity and sustainability Mr. Justin Gong, Vice-President, XAG Co. Ltd cn 5. PPT_China_Justin Gong.pdf