The 2nd Training of Trainers on ANTAM Test Codes

Nanjing, China, 18-30 October 2016

Introduction to Testing of Powered Knapsack Misters-Cum-Dusters

Training on ANTAM Standard Code for Testing of Knapsack Misters Cum Dusters

Event Date(YYMMDD) Title Authors Country Code Files
20161018 Theory 1: Farm Machinery Testing-Purpose-Requirements-Standards-ANTAM Codes CSAM-ESCAP Theory-1.pdf
20161018 Theory 2: General Texts-Terminology-Guidelines Test Code Section III CSAM-ESCAP Theory-2.pdf
20161018 Theory 3: Checking of Specifications (Test Code Section IV (1) and Annex B) CSAM-ESCAP Theory-3.pdf
20161018 Theory 4: Nominal Traveling Speed Measurement (B-11 of Annex-B) CSAM-ESCAP Theory-4.pdf
20161018 Theory 5: Engine Performance - The Engine Test Cell Test Code Section IV(2) and D-6 CSAM-ESCAP Theory-5.pdf
20161018 Theory 6: Engine Performance - Dynamometry Test Code Section IV(2) and D-6 CSAM-ESCAP Theory-6.pdf
20161018 Training on ANTAM Standard Code for Testing of Knapsack Misters Cum Dusters CSAM-ESCAP Theory-7.pdf
20161018 Theory 8: Engine Performance - Characteristics CSAM-ESCAP Theory-8.pdf
20161018 Theory 9: Rotary Shaft Performance Test CSAM-ESCAP Theory-9.pdf
20161018 Theory 10: Measurement of Vibration-Concepts (Test Code Section IV(4) and D-8, of Annex D) CSAM-ESCAP Theory-10.pdf
20161018 Theory 11: Measurement of Vibration-Procedure (Test Code Section IV(4) and D-8, of Annex D) CSAM-ESCAP Theory-11.pdf
20161018 Theory 12: Drawbar Performance - Determination of Weight CSAM-ESCAP Theory-12.pdf
20161018 Theory 13: Drawbar Performance - Traction Terminology CSAM-ESCAP Theory-13.pdf
20161018 Theory 14: Drawbar Performance Instrumentation CSAM-ESCAP Theory-14.pdf
20161018 Theory 15: Turning Ability (Test Code Section IV(6) and D-4 of Annex D) CSAM-ESCAP Theory-15.pdf
20161018 Theory 16: Parking Brake Test CSAM-ESCAP Theory-16.pdf
20161018 Theory 17: Noise Measurement Test (Test Code Section IV(8) and D-10 of Annex D) CSAM-ESCAP Theory-17.pdf
20161018 Theory 18: Waterproof Test (Test Code Section IV(9) and D-11 of Annex D) CSAM-ESCAP Theory-18.pdf
20161018 Part 1: ENTAM Testing and Mutual Recognition Process CSAM-ESCAP Part1.pdf
20161018 Part 2: Plant Protection Spray Application Techniques CSAM-ESCAP Part2.pdf
20161018 Part 3: Introduction to Portable Mister Cum Duster CSAM-ESCAP Part3.pdf
20161018 Part 4: General Texts, Submission and Running-In of Test Samples CSAM-ESCAP Part4.pdf
20161018 Part 5: Codes & Specifications CSAM-ESCAP Part5.pdf
20161018 Part 6: Measuring Instruments, Tolerances and Test Rigs CSAM-ESCAP Part6.pdf
20161018 Part 7: Tests & Checks for Performance 1 CSAM-ESCAP Part7.pdf
20161018 Part 8: Tests & Checks for Performance 2 CSAM-ESCAP Part8.pdf
20161018 Part 9: Test Reports CSAM-ESCAP Part9.pdf