The 7th Regional Forum on Sustainable Agricultural Mechanization in Asia and the Pacific - Financing for Sustainable Agricultural Mechanization

27-29 November 2019, Jeonju, Republic of Korea


Event Date(YYMMDD) Title Authors Country Code Files
20191127 Increasing Access of Smallholders to Finance for Sustainable Agricultural Mechanization in Asia and the Pacific: Challenges, Practices and Opportunities Mr. Anshuman Varma, Programme Officer & Deputy Head, ESCAP-CSAM 1. Keynote presentation_CSAM.pdf
20191127 Financing for Sustainable Agricultural Mechanization in India Mr. Kanchan Kumar Singh, Assistant Director General (Engg.), Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) in 2. Keynote presentation_India.pdf
20191127 Partnerships for Sustainable Investments in Agriculture Mr. Reginald Reagan Lee, Director for Partnerships, Grow Asia 3. Keynote presentation_Grow Asia.pdf
20191127 AFA Perspective Mr. Jose Romeo Ebron, Cooperative Development Program Manager, Asian Farmer' Association for Sustainable Rural Development (AFA) kr 4. Keynote presentation_AFA.pdf
20191127 Leasing Practice for Agricultural Machinery Mr. Mao Fangzhu, General Manager, Creditease Leasing, China cn 5. Keynote presentation_Creditease.pdf
20191127 Financing for Sustainable Agricultural Mechanization: A program review in Bangladesh context Mr. Md Monjurul Alam, Professor, Department of Farm Power and Machinery, Bangladesh Agricultural University bd 1. Country Presentation_Bangladesh_Mr. Alam.pdf
20191127 China’s Agricultural Mechanization Development Achievements & Main Supporting Measures Mr. Song Jianwu, Division Director, Department of Agricultural Mechanization, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs cn 2. Country Presentation_China_Mr. Song Jianwu.pdf
20191127 International Cooperation and Sustainable Agricultural Mechanization Ms. Li Zhiping, Deputy Director General, Foreign Economic Cooperation Center, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs cn 3. Country Presentation_China-Ms. Li.pdf
20191127 Agricultural Mechanization Financing Facilities in Malaysia Dr. Azman Bin Hamzah (Deputy Director, Engineering Research Centre, Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute) my 4. Country Presentation_Malaysia_Mr. Hamzah.pdf
20191127 Subsidy in Agricultural Mechanization in Nepal Mr. Surya Prasad Paudel, Director General, Department of Agriculture np 5. Country Presentation_Nepal_Mr. Basynat.pdf
20191127 A Good Case/Practice/Programme on Financing for Sustainable Agricultural Mechanization in Pakistan Mr. Syed Turab Hyder, Member Finance, Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC) pk 6. Country Presentation_Pakistan_Mr. Shahid.pdf
20191127 Philippine Rice Competitieness Enhancement Fund: Mechanization Component Mr. Roderic Verina, Chief Science Research Specialist, PHilMech ph 7. Country Presentation_Philippines_Mr. Verina.pdf
20191127 Sustainable Agricultural Mechanization Strategy in Cambodia Mr. Kosal Ngin, Director, Department of Agriculture Engineering, General Directorate of Agriculture, Ministry of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries (5-year national strategy) kh 8. Country Presentation_Cambodia_Mr. Koeut.pdf
20191127 Financing For Sustainable Agricultural Mechanization in Indonesia Mr. Agung Prabowo, Director, Indonesian Center for Agricultural Engineering Research and Development (custom hiring) id 9. Country Presentation_Indonesia_Mr. Prabowo_0.pdf
20191127 Experiences on Financing for Sustainable Agricultural Mechanization in Lao PDR Mr. Phatnakhone Khanthamixay, Deputy Director General of Department of Technical Extension and Agro-Processing la 10. Country Presentation_Laos_Mr. Khanthamixay.pdf
20191127 Inxythong Experiences on Financing for Sustainable Agricultural Mechanization Mr. Phouthasone Khounnalom Inxythong staff la 11. Country Presentation_Laos_Mr. Khuonnalom.pdf
20191127 Мongolian Food, Agriculture and Light Industry Sector Mr. Munkh-Erdene Amar, Loan Officer, Small and Medium Enterprises Development Fund mn 12. Country Presentation_Mongolia_Mr. Amar.pdf
20191127 Custom Hiring of Agricultural Machinery Mr. B. M. C. P. Balasooriya, Mechanical Engineer, Farm Mechanization Research Centre, Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Economic Development, Irrigation and Fisheries and Aquatic lk 13. Country Presentation_Sri Lanka_Mr. Balosooriya.pdf