27-28 April 2007, Beijing, China
International Seminar on Restructuring and Strengthening Research and Development (R&D) for Agricultural Engineering

Event Date(YYMMDD) Title Authors Country Code Files
20070427 Tentative Programme TentaProg.pdf
20070427 List of Participants ParList.pdf
20070427 Conclusions and Recommendations ConcluRecomm0508.pdf
20070427 Introduction on the International Seminar on Restructuring and Strengthening R&D for Agricultural Engineering Prof. CHANG Ping, Senior Expert, APCAEM PPT01.pdf
20070427 Current situation of agricultural engineering in select member countries Dr. Peeyush SONI, Asian Institute of Technology PPT02.pdf
20070427 Restructuring R&D of agricultural engineering in China Prof. WANG Maohua, Academician, Chinese Academy of Engineering and professor, China Agricultural University cn PPT03.pdf
20070427 Impact of China’s science and technology system reform on rural development and poverty reduction Dr. LUO Hui, Division Director, Strategy Survey and Research Office, Ministry of Science and Technology cn PPT04.pdf
20070427 Status of Agricultural Engineering Research and Development in Bangladesh Harun-ur-RASHID, Director for Training & Communication, Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute bd PPT11.pdf
20070427 Agricultural Engineering Research and Development in India Dr. Nawab ALI, Deputy Director-General, Indian Council of Agricultural Research in PPT12.pdf
20070427 Government Policy and Strategy in Promoting Agricultural Engineering Development in Indonesia Dr. AGUNG Hendriadi, Head of Research Program Division, Indonesian Center for Agricultural Engineering Research and Development id PPT21.pdf
20070427 Agricultural Engineering Research in Pakistan: An Overview, Impact and Restructuring Dr. Munir AHMAD, Principal Engineer, Farm Machinery Institute, National Agricultural Research Center pk PPT22.pdf
20070427 Development of Agricultural Engineering in the Philippines Dr. Arnold ELEPANO, Program Manager, Agricultural Mechanization Development Program, University of the Philippines Los Banos ph PPT23.pdf
20070427 Experience of Agricultural Engineering development in China Prof. ZHU Ming, President, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Engineering cn PPT24.pdf
20070427 Research & Development for Agricultural Engineering in Korea Dr. Kwang Jae CHOE, Senior Researcher, Biological Production Machinery Division, National Institute of Agricultural Engineering kr PPT25.pdf
20070427 Situation of Agricultural Engineering R&D in Sri Lanka Mr. M.H.M.A. Bandara, Deputy Director, Farm Mechanization Research Centre lk PPT26.pdf
20070427 Situation of Agricultural Engineering in Thailand Mr. Viboon THEPENT, Senior Agricultural Engineer, Agricultural Engineering Research Institute th PPT27.pdf
20070427 Overview report Prof. CHANG Ping (for Dr. Bill stout), Senior Expert, APCAEM PPT31.pdf