Regional Workshop on the Role of Mechanization in Strengthening Smallholders’ Resilience through Conservation Agriculture in Asia and the Pacific

18-20 April 2018, Sunway Hotel, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
List of Presentations



Event Date(YYMMDD) Title Authors Country Code Files
20180418 Conservation Agriculture: Challenges and Opportunities Mr. Hafiz Muminjanov, Agricultural Officer, FAO Sub-regional Office for Central Asia (FAO-SEC) kh 1. PPT_CA Workshop_FAO SEC.pdf
20180418 Soil health, no-till cropping systems and appropriate-scale machinery in Cambodia Mr. Florent Tivet, Agricultural Mechanization Specialist, CANSEA Coordinator, UPR AIDA/CSIA, French Agricultural Research Centre for International Development (CIRAD) kh 3. PPT_CA Workshop_CIRAD_Florent Tivet.pdf
20180418 Dissemination of conservation agriculture practices --ASPs Model for Smallholder Mechanization in the Indus Basin Mr. Mushtaq Ahmad Gill, Executive Director, South Asian Conservation Agriculture Network (SACAN) in 4. PPT_CA Workshop_SACAN.pdf
20180418 Comparing vegetable yields of conventional versus conservation agriculture production systems in eight countries Dr. Manny R. Reyes, Research Professor, Agroecological Engineer, Kansas State University, USA, Sustainable Intensification Innovation Lab (SIIL), SIIL Coordinator Center of Excellence on Sustainable Agricultural Intensification and Nutrition, Cambodia, Country Coordinator of ASMC Cambodia us 5. PPT_CA Workshop_SILL.pdf
20180418 No-till practices and banana cropping systems: How machinery can contribute to sustainable banana production in the French West Indies Mr. Hoa Tran Quoc, CIRAD (GECO Research unit), Eco-Friendly Intensification and Climate Resilient Agricultural Systems (EFICAS) Project, Lao PDR fr 6. PPT_CA Workshop_TRAN QUOC Hoa.pdf
20180418 Situation and Application of Conservation Agriculture in China Mr. Du You, Researcher, Centre of Agricultural Machinery Extension, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs cn 7. PPT_CA Workshop_China_Du You.pdf
20180418 Good Practices and Successful Cases of Conservation Agriculture and Conservation Agriculture Mechanization Mr. Ravindra Naik, Principal Scientist & Head, Indian Council of Agricultural Research, Department of Agricultural Research & Education in 8. PPT_CA Workshop_India.pdf
20180418 Role of Agricultural Mechanization in Conservation Agriculture in Pakistan Mr. Ahmad Tanveer, Director, Agricultural Engineering Division, Pakistan Agricultural Research Council pk 9. PPT_CA Workshop_Pakistan.pdf
20180418 The role of mechanization in strengthening smallholders’ resilience through conservation agriculture in the Philippines Ms. Rossana Marie Amongo, Director & Associate Professor, Center for Agri-Fisheries and Biosystems Mechanization (BIOMECH), College of Engineering & Agro-industrial Technology (CEAT), University of the Philippines Los Banos (UPLB) ph 10. PPT_CA Workshop_Philippines.pdf
20180418 Main Challenges and Constraints in using Machinery for Conservation Agriculture for smallholders in the region Mr. Sultan Ahmed, Member Director (NRM), Bangladesh Agricultural Research Council (BARC) bd 1. PPT_CA Workshop_Bangladesh.pdf
20180418 MAIN CHALLENGES AND CONSTRAINTS OF CONSERVATION AGRICULTURE MECHANIZATION IN INDONESIA Mr. Anjar Suprapto, Head of Planning and Evaluation, Indonesian Center for Agricultural Engineering Research and Development (ICAERD), Indonesian Agency for Agricultural Research and Development (IAARD), Ministry of Agriculture id 2. PPT_CA Workshop_Indonesia.pdf
20180418 SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURAL MECHANIZATION IN MALAYSIA Mr. Mohamed Fauzi Bin Md Isa, Senior Research Officer, Malaysian Agricultural Research & Development Institute (MARDI) my 3. PPT_CA Workshop_Malaysia.pdf
20180418 Conservation Agriculture (CA) in Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal Mr. Madhusudan Singh Basnyat, Program Director, Directorate of Agricultural Engineering, Ministry of Agriculture and Development np 4. PPT_CA Workshop_Nepal.pdf
20180418 Constraints and challenges to adoption and promotion of Conservation Agriculture and CA mechanization Mr. B. M. C. P. Balasooriya, Deputy Director, Farm Mechanization Research Centre, Department of Agriculture lk 5. PPT_CA Workshop_Sri Lanka.pdf
20180418 Constraints and challenges to adoption and promotion of CA and CA mechanization in Việt Nam Mr. Le Quyet Tien, Director, Center Research of Agricultural Machinery and Aero – Hydraulic, Vietnam Institute of Agricultural Engineering and Post-Harvest Technology (VIAEP) vn 6. PPT_CA Workshop_Vietnam.pdf
20180418 The role of Mechanization in Strengthening Smallholders’ Resilience through Conservation Agriculture in Cambodia Mr. Saruth Chan, Director, Department of Agricultural Engineering /GDA, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Cambodia kh 7. PPT_CA Workshop_Cambodia.pdf
20180418 Case Study on the adoption of direct seeding mulch-based cropping (DMC)in smallholder agriculture in Xayabouli province, Lao PDR Mr. Tien Vannasouk, Deputy Director General, Department of Technical Extension and Agro-Processing (DTEAP), Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Lao PDR la 8. PPT_CA Workshop_Laos.pdf
20180418 Partnerships and Collaboration for Conservation Agriculture and Conservation Mechanization Ms. Ma. Estella A. Penunia, Secretary General, Asian Farmers' Association for Sustainable Rural Development ph 9. PPT_CA Workshop_AFA.pdf
20180418 Practice of Conservation Agriculture of Nanjing Research Institute for Agricultural Mechanization (NRIAM) Mr. Cong Chen, Research Associate, Nanjing Research Institute for Agriculture Mechanization cn 10. PPT_CA Workshop_NRIAM.pdf